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Autumn/Winter 21 Trends...

Hey Guys!

This write up is all thing winter trend for AW21. My predictions for the trends to come this season…

Fuchsia, Green & Brown – These 3 colours I reckon will be a here to stay this A/W. The likes of Kris Jenner has already been seen rocking the colour at Milan fashion week and if you know Kris Jenner you know she’s never really the one for colours. I myself, have taken a personal liking to the colour Fuchsia, I really can’t put my finger on it but I think brands such as The Attico making it a key colour in their range has played a massive part of it then become more appealing and apparent in street styles.

Green or should I say Bottega Green and I think we all know what colour green I’m talking about. I think brands such as Bottega has pioneered the colour green… Bottega has somehow changed the way we see green and if not we then definitely me. Not only was it a big deal in the summer and included in printed pieces but now I think it will be around for the A/W season too.

And of course brown… The thing I love most about brown is the different shades it comes in. You have the tan caramel brown or the deep chocolate brown. Either way for me, brown is now that staple colour for the winter just like black would be. .

Chunky boots – weather it’s the Bottega tyre boots or your Dr Martins, chunky boots are in! we’ve moved away from the Chelsea boot era and girls are now rocking a more chunky fit… this trend I’m excited about not only because I’ve now built a cute collection of chunky boots and do have my eye on a few more BUT I’m also excited to see how girls rock these while bringing their own flare to the game and also styling them with dresses in the AW season.

3. Oversized anyone? Whether it be an oversized shirt, blazer, knitwear or coat. Oversized is here to stay! Winter and oversized just go hand in hand and this trend is by far my favourite… There are certain items I only like in an oversized fit like blazers for example, I only ever wear oversized and also a lot of my coats are now oversized which help when you want to layer up in the winter.

CK xoxo

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