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Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie

With winter approaching I started analyzing and building my autumn/winter wardrobe. This year I’ve done it slightly different and starting working on my accessories side before deviling into clothes and trends…

I found there were a few gaps in my staple everyday pieces, the biggest one being a little black bag. Now every girl knows of the saying LBD for little black dress, but I think the same can be said in that every girl needs a LBB for little black bag.

Que the Bottega mini Jodie! Now it took me a while to actually purchase this and this is because I often find I can be impulsive when it comes to buying designer bags so decided to actually sit on it for a while before splurging. However it was definitely needed in my wardrobe, I’ve since been able to style it with so many outfits and know It will serve me well through out the autumn/winter season.

Another reason why I love this bag is because of the size I can fit quite a bit in it and also such a great transition bag. By transition I mean you can literally go from day to night with it. I find it so easy to style this with a day outfit and have also found myself using it for an evening out out look too.

There really isn’t much to dislike with this bag…

Of course it would just be disrespectful to talk about the Bottega mini Jodie without mentioning the man of the moment himself, Daniel Lee. Since taking over from Tomas Maier there has been an undoubted hype and buzz around the brand which never really existed before Mr Lee. He’s done an incredible job since taking over at continuously impacting fashion trends.

I’m excited to see what more Mr Lee has to offer under the Bottega brand and what else they’ll have to show, but going back to the actual Bottega mini Jodie, I do think it’s a great bag and a great purchase for me and absolutely love it. It comes in a variety of colours and have a feeling this won’t be the only colour I own.

CK xoxo

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