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Fenty beauty review

Fenty Beauty first launched in 2017 and the buzz and hype it created in the beauty world was no joke. The expectation was high, well from me anyway but did Rihanna disappoint?

Rewind to 2017 when Fenty first launched I remember going straight to the foundation to try but unfortunately it was always sold out everywhere in my shade! But thankfully soon enough I purchased the foundation months later in 2018. Now I remember first trying this foundation and not being too keen on it and actually leaving it to one side and not understanding the hype that everyone created, especially with it being sold out for so long. What did people see that I didn't?

Fast forward a few weeks after this and I picked it up again because my everyday foundation at the time had run out and OMG I was in love! My skin just took to it so well and I looked airbrushed. The colour match was incredible and I couldn't believe I ever put this foundation on time out. Ever since then Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r foundation has always been in my top 5 foundation and the foundation I use the most.

I was recently sent some goodies from Fenty Beauty and couldn't wait to try it because I had such a good experience with the foundation, so lets get into it.

  1. Eaze drop blurring skin - I have actually been trying to get my hands on this for a while because of the good reviews I had heard but yet again it had been sold out for a while so when I actually received it I couldn't wait to try it and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. I absolutely love the coverage as its not as full as the foundation but my skin still took to it very well and I can build on it while blending is very easily too. Below is a picture of my skin with/without it. This is defiantly something I will buy once it's finished as I think it's perfect for that everyday light coverage look. I would defiantly recommend.

2. Snapshadow eyeshadow palette - I love a good eyeshadow palette as I feel it does half the work for you when brands create a palette they already colour link them and all you have to do is pick you favourites to put together. This palette is well thought out, even though there isn't a lot of shades I still feel the variety in the palette is brilliant and the dark brown is my go too. The pigmentation is brilliant and below is a good snapshot of it, I was sent the Deep Neutral 3 palette.

3. Pro Filt'r instant retouch concealer - Now because I loved the foundation I had high hopes for the concealer however my expectations weren't meant. I can't exactly pin point the concealers biggest fault but for a variety of reason I wouldn't say it's my favourite to use. The coverage was something I first noticed as I was blending it wasn't giving me a great finish and almost cracking as I would blend. It wasn't the easiest to work with and I felt like my skin didn't take to it well. However you never know in a few weeks when I pick it up again I may fall in love just like I did with the foundation.

4. Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush - I'll be honest cream blushers aren't my go too for makeup. I'm a lot more comfortable with powder blush and pretty much all I know. So when I was sent this cream blush I was slightly intrigued and said I would give it a go. Honestly I haven't looked back, the blend cream blushers give you is brilliant and wish I tried them sooner. I also absolutely loved the shade I chose as it was rosy enough for my skin tone and you really don't need a lot of it.

5. Match Stix contour stick - As of recent I have preferred creamy contour rather than powder contour so was very excited to try this. All I can say is... I've found my new everyday contour stick. It's absolutely brilliant, it blends well, the colour is spot on and I enjoy using it.

Overall when it comes to Fenty Beauty I do believe you are in safe hands, the brand has only been around for 4 year but what it's managed to do in such a small period of time is amazing. I take my hat off to Rihanna and her team because the products definitely live up to their hype. I do also use a few other Fenty products that I bought myself and have loved them like the setting powder, the bronzer and lipgloss. All of which I love and use regularly. One thing is for sure though, Fenty Beauty is here to stay and the world needs to prepare themselves for Fenty Skin.

CK xoxo

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