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Henna Brows

Hey guys,

This blog post is all about henna brows and are they really worth it?

So I recently (well some time ago actually) I had my eyebrows done, after about 3 months of growing them out because I wanted them to have a better shape and appear more symmetrical I grew them out.

I had them done by Olivia's Beauty who's based in Essex and can find her on instagram: @oliviasbeautypagex

The whole process itself took around 30-45 minutes because my skin around my eyebrows especially under my brows is sensitive and thin she couldn't wax them. However she did pluck instead to shape and then went on to apply the henna. Once the henna was applied we waited around 15 minutes before wiping it off and TA DA! I had new brows.

Below is a picture of before and after.

Now this was my first time having henna but I have had my eyebrows tinted before. I personally loved it and would defiantly have them done again. I found there were several pro's to having them done, for example; I saved a lot of time when doing my makeup because my eyebrows were already done, even without makeup I still looked pretty done up because of my brows.

Overal I would highly recommend you guys to try it for yourself, but as any beauty treatment make sure you do your research and also make sure a patch test is done!

Ck xoxo

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