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How to date safely online

Hey Guys,

I don't know if you guys remember but a while back I asked you guys to give me your best online dating advice especially how to stay safe... well you guys didn't disappoint, you came through again and here are some of the top tips on how to date online but safely!

1. Ask a lot of questions - Don't be afraid to ask questions, the more the better. After all you are trying to get to know someone but do remember it's not an interview or investigation but an open conversation. Ask about his career/ field of work, his location or base, even family set up should be touched upon.

2. No harm in investigating - We all are guilty of snooping from time to time however in this case I think its essential to try and locate them on social media platforms. It's one of the easiest way to rule out if you are being catfished. Its also a great way to gain reassurance on whoever you are talking too/potentially meeting.

3. Take your time - There should be no rush or pressure in meeting up or the timescale in which this should happen. I for one, am quite big on this I think it's important to fully feel a guy out before meeting up. I prefer meeting up with a guy once we've really gotten to know each other and gotten a better understanding of each others sense of humor, certain personally traits etc. So TAKE YOUR TIME!

4. Facetime - Hopefully as time goes on and you build a relationship things will progress and you both will feel more comfortable with one another to move onto phone calls rather than just messages, as well as phone calls don't be shy and ask for a video call or FaceTime. This is literally the easiest way to verify a person from their profile. I also think a different level of reassurance happens once you're able to see a persons face rather than just pictures.

5. Meet somewhere public - If you do decide to finally meet up, make sure you meet somewhere public. Somewhere with people and atmosphere, I know with how society is set up now its very easy to just meet a guy at his house but I can not stress how unsafe this is especially for the first time. Lockdown has now lifted so there's no excuse as to why you can't meet in public.

6. Tell friends your meeting plans - Before you go on your first date, tell friends and family your plans for the evening. What time you'll be meeting? The place you'll be meeting? What you guys plan to do. Continuously update your friends when you're on your date also. Check in! let them know how its going, communication is key!

7. Never disclose anything too personal - Be careful with how much you share to someone you've just met, information just like your address, exactly where you work may be too much information to give someone straight away. Remember just play it safe...

CK xoxo

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