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How to deal with anxiety

Hey guys,

In this post we'll be discussing all things anxiety and the best methods of dealing with it...

As this blog space in particular is for the every day women, I thought who better to put the question to than my every day women (my followers) on instagram. I asked my followers to give me their best methods and tips on dealing with anxiety and the response was overwhelming. Here are some of the most common tips on dealing with anxiety;

  1. Getting active - Moving your body and doing something physical has proven to be successful when dealing with anxiety. From my personal experience I would have to agree and say that going to the gym, doing yoga or just stretching, helps with my anxiety massively.

2. Candles & incense - These are great mood changing products and I think the reason behind why they work so well with anxiety is because a change in mood settings can be all you really need and lift your mood.

3. Favourite movies & series - rewatching your favourite film or series is said to bring great comfort which is the exact opposite of how anxiety makes you feel. So rewatching something you are familiar with and know what is going to happen, brings great reassurance of knowing what's going to happen next and leading to hopefully a decline in feeling anxious.

4. Prayer & meditation - For all my spiritual people, I know they will all swear by prayer and I would also have to agree, the sense of calmness you find after praying and reading a passage from the bible is great. Now for those who wouldn't consider themselves spiritual, there is meditation, which helps you completely zone out and refocus.

5. Talk - Talking to friends and family is a great way to release stress, normally after a good conversation we always feel a lot better and that's because as humans we're programmed to thrive off socialisation. So having conversations with close ones can always bring peace and maybe just take your mind off the anxiety. Which is also the same as writing in a journal, writing down your mood, thoughts and feelings is also a great way to get things off your chest and mind and into the world instead.

6. Music - Having a playlist especially for anxiety attacks is brilliant and one anxiety relief I love. I have a playsuit especially for those days anxiety is just a little too much. A great way to zone out but music also has the ability to take you back to a moment when you felt your best or better than how you may be feeling currently.

7. Medication - If you continuously suffer from anxiety and it starts to impact on your day to day life, medical profession should be seeked and medication can/should be prescribed.

What I have found from speaking to a lot of you, my own personal experience and also speaking to family and friends. Anxiety is a very common thing and lot of people are currently suffering with it, some may not be as extreme as others. However it's still not a nice thing to have to deal with, so take some time to find the best outlet to off set some of the anxiousness. I have also attached a link to a charity which help with anxiety if you would like further information or help.

CK xoxo

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