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Rimmel London review

So back in September I had the pleasure of attending the PLT pr house, you can have a look into the event over on my Tik Tok account as I posted a video there.

It was an incredible lay out and one of the floors included a beauty floor with different brands. I got chatting with one girl in particular from Rimmel London and she was telling me about the new range they have launching which is a vegan, cutlery free and more sustainable. The main selling points for wanting to try out this new range was the fact that

  1. It's affordable - Compared to a lot of other makeup brands in my makeup bag this Rimmel London range is definitely more affordable, which is brilliant so you therefore don't have to spend a lot to get yourself a full face worth of makeup from eyebrows to foundation and blusher.

  2. Light Coverage - Again comparing it to the other makeup brands that I own, this range is what I would consider a light coverage. With the foundation, although the coverage is good and sits well on my face and also blends incredibly well. It is incredible light. The concealer I'm a big fan of, the coverage is as good as some of my more expensive ones and blending isn't a problem either.

  3. Everyday Use - Now you guys may not know this but when it comes to everyday makeup/skin routine I don't like wearing makeup at all so anything that is light and feels more like skin is great for me. So this was a major plus for me that I could use this as an everyday substitute if I don't want my face to be completely bare.

Be sure to check out the new range for yourself, you can shop it in Superdrug, Boots and some online retailers.

CK xoxo

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