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Winter Skin...

Hey Guys,

I’m here to give you guys all the tips you’ll need for keeping your skin hydrated this winter. As some of you may know, I went through my own ordeal with my skin last winter and found my skin so dry! This had never really happened to me before and with the mix of medication I’m still on for my acne and the weather I think the both really did impact on my skin, So here are a few tips that helped me get through last winter and plan on doing the same this winter too!

1. Wear sunscreen – The biggest misconception is that sunscreen is only for the summer or when the suns out which couldn't be further from the truth! Any ray of light whether that be in the summer, spring, autumn or winter you need to protect your skin!! I stress this quite a lot on my instagram stories as working in beauty back when I was at university I saw so many women with sun damaged skin and it is so much harder to treat/hide sun damaged skin when we can just prevent and protect it from now. I currently use the La Roche daily sunscreen, I have to use a SPF 50 for maximum protect but that’s just personal preference.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Invisible Fluid SPF50+ Sun Cream 50ml - LOOKFANTASTIC

2. Hydrating sleeping mask – These were an absolute life saver for me last winter, especially if I knew I had a busy day the following day and would need to wear makeup all day I would use a hydrating sleeping mask the night before. I would always wake up with the most hydrating feel to my face and the best thing about it was I didn’t need to wash it off, I just rubbed in the remainder into my face and you’re sorted!

Skin Proud Sleep Hero Overnight Sleep Mask at BEAUTY BAY

3. Add serum to your everyday face cream – I have found not only does this hydrate and leave my skin feeling nice, but it has also helped with the appearance of my skin. I use a vitamin C serum from Holland and Barratts which does help with the appearance and texture of your skin to make it more even toned and reduce my pores.

Holland & Barrett Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid Serum | Holland & Barrett - the UK’s Leading Health Retailer (

4. Don’t skip facial treatments – Now if you have a regular beautician that you go and see for your facials I would highly recommend continue with your facials and beauty treatments through out winter! And if you don’t have a regular beautician or regular facial, I would advise to look into it. Our skins do need a little pick me up here and there and no one better to guide you, inform you and perform these than a beautician. My skin regime/routine changed massively because of the advice my beautician gave me and the results of that is my good skin now.

5. Don’t forget your lips – Lips are part of your face and there should be no reason why you should forget them in your daily face routine, especially during winter. I recently started exfoliating my lips with the kylie skin lip scrub and then keeping them moisturized with either carmex or EOS lip balm.

Carmex Strawberry Lip Balm Tube | Urban Outfitters UK

CK xoxo

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